Things to Consider

Dreher Capital Management does not try to be all things to all people. Some individuals will find they are particularly suited to the firm’s way of doing business; others won’t.

Size and Services:

Competitors of the firm range in size from smaller investment advisers to the largest brokerage firms and bank trust departments, as well as many mutual fund groups who have recently decided to advise clients alongside their fund offerings which already charge management fees. Many of these competitors offer additional services such as estate planning and income tax preparation.

Dreher Capital Management considers itself efficiently run, able to deliver a valuable service at competitive prices. We offer a comprehensive approach. The firm has no plans to expand its services. It can recommend competent professionals in the fields of estate planning and income tax advice. Although the firm would like to have more assets under management, it does not want to grow out of its present organizational structure.


Direct Access:

Individuals thinking of Dreher Capital Management for managing investments should realize that as clients they will always talk to the same person. Unlike other institutions, where new faces greet clients almost monthly, Dreher Capital Management has only two or three portfolio managers. When you talk to the firm, you know who is managing the money and you are talking with the person responsible, for better or worse.

Fees Versus Commissions:

In the short run, Dreher Capital Management cannot guarantee its services will cost less than the average brokerage company, whose representatives like to say they “provide the advice for free.” However, over the long term, the firm believes its services become very cost effective for four basic reasons:

  1. Commissions can be reduced through the use of discount brokers or a negotiated commission schedule with the present broker.
  2. Trading activity is usually reduced.
  3. NO-Load mutual funds eliminate costly up-front charges and hidden exit charges.
  4. Better results over the long term stemming from objective management: the firm’s fees rise with the size of its accounts, so it has only one agenda and it is the same as the client’s.
  5. We don't charge or get paid a commission.

Don’t hire the firm to:

  • Trade Options and Futures
  • Invest in Exotic Derivatives
  • Go In and Out of The Market Based on Timing Models These activities require valuable resources (mainly time) the firm needs to pursue its interests in finding good stocks, bonds and NO-Load mutual funds.

H.S. Dreher Capital Management, LLC and The Community:

The firm believes in a responsibility to support the communities from which it derives its livelihood. Specifically, the firm focuses on educational causes (with a broad interpretation of education) for its donations. Over the years, through a Holiday Season program of giving, the firm has contributed over $8,000 to educational institutions such as Lawndale Community School of Chicago, Hillsdale College of Hillsdale, Michigan, the Salina, Kansas Board of Education Fund and the Prancing Horse Riding School of Moore County, NC. The firm has also pledged to the Annual Fund at Sandhills Community College.

Moore County community services and donations:

  • Moore County Chamber of Commerce
  • Southern Pines Rotary Club
  • United Way
  • Youth Athletics
  • Young Life in the Sandhills
  • First Friday sponsorship Sunrise Theater