H.S. Dreher Capital Management, LLC is a State Registered Investment Adviser domiciled in North Carolina. The firm operates on a fee-only basis. It does not receive payment or commissions for the sale, recommendation or exchange of securities.

What we do

Investment Management:**

  • Formulation of Investment Strategy:

A strategy identifies the assets that are available for investment and allocates them between income and growth investments.

  • Execution of Investment Strategy:

On behalf of our clients, the firm invests in stocks, bonds and No-load mutual funds. In conjunction with these activities, the firm–if requested–will assist clients to select brokers and custodians.

  • Reporting and Reviews:

Consolidated statements of assets are prepared quarterly (monthly account statements are furnished by stock brokers, banks and other custodians). Performance reviews are conducted annually.

Research Reports:

From time to time, research reports on individual stocks, bonds and No-load mutual funds are offered for sale.

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** Minimum fees apply. See Management Fees.